​Hello hockey fans from coast to coast to coast in Canada.  We are striving to get the youth of our country out of the house and into the arenas or different sporting venues.




Out from behind the television and video games and into a sport or fun exercise.

​We want to give back to help the under privilege youth of our communities hit the ice with guidance, safe equipment and give them the opportunity that they might never have. 

​Sports can help a youngster build confidence, self esteem, learn sportsmanship and the ability to work with others.  To learn to play alone or with teammates, teaching them discipline, skills and to focus on the job at hand.  Also to enhance their exercise and allow them to have fun while doing so.

The Hockey Grand Dad

  • Heavy Cheering with Horn as Goal Is Scored at Hockey Game0:20


Remember, if you can't play a sport at least be one.